Bank On It - Custom Game Build

Educational Gaming

Probably the most notable project we've tackled, Bank On It is an online game created from scratch to teach high school student about a future in accounting. What began as the winning idea from the Project Innovation competition, Bank On it was named, planned, spec'ed, concepted, design, written, built (and on and on) by our team. And we couldn't be more proud!

Now boasting more than 100,000 completed games, educators are building Bank On It tournaments, tracking their students' performance stats and seeing them learn while gaming. Tied to the Start Here, Go Places. website through a custom API, students and educators log in and have user-specific tools. And it doesn't stop there! We are continuing to add to the over 1,300 questions and improve functionality as feedback comes to us through the teachers. 

Client: Start Here, Go Places. and the AICPA

Visit: Bank On It requires a student account tied to the Start Here, Go Places. website. If you'd like to play, let us know and we can make that happen!