Capitol Broadcasting Company History Feature Site (2014)

The roots of Capitol Broadcasting Company date back to 1937. Over the next seven decades CBC would establish itself as one of the most respected and innovative communications companies in the nation. We were tasked with telling the story of CBC’s rich heritage in an engaging and meaningful way. 

Through our website project, we were able to partner with CBC to collect, organize, tag and store hundreds of videos, photos, audio clips and narratives into a searchable digital database for prosperity. But more importantly, we were able to tie that database to a website that shares this rich collection of stories with the public in a way that encourages users to explore CBC’s history in an organic way and even to search for specific key terms or assets of interest. This project is one that both Krobe and CBC will always hold close to our hearts – and one that launched via a primetime promotion on the WRAL news and website!

Client: Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc.

Services Provided: Website Strategy, Prototyping and site requirement definition, Website Development using a combination of WordPress and Sharepoint to store and serve historical assets, Responsive Design, Analytics, Brand Identity